The Pet Glider’s Sugar Glider Accessories Keep Pets Happy and Healthy

Every pet sugar glider deserves as much care and affection as it can get from its owners in order to live a happy and healthy life. Here at The Pet Glider, we’ve made it our mission to give glider owners everywhere the tools they need to raise their adorable, little furry friends well. From our glider-safe rope toys to our specially designed cages, every item in our selection of high-quality sugar glider accessories is crafted with loving respect for these gliding marsupials and their unique needs.

A standout item in our collection is the Velociraptor wheel, which is specially made for The Pet Glider by a local manufacturer. The Velociraptor allows your sugar gliders to get the exercise they need inside their cage, but is also designed with their overall well-being in mind. With two opposing patches of nail trimmers, the wheel also helps trim your gliders’ nails as they run on it.


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