Breeder of Sugar Glider in Houston Presents New Young Glider Joeys

“Priscilla Price and the staff of The Pet Glider bring their years of experience to bear in bringing you the happiest and healthiest sugar gliders available, nurturing them until they’re old enough to transition to their new homes. Customers can experience a sense of wonder and amazement as they watch their new sugar gliders grow up and explore their surroundings, as well as witness them fall asleep sweetly in comfortable bonding pouches.

The Pet Glider has a wide variety of sugar gliders available, whether you’re a pet owner or a hobby breeder. Clients looking for unique, lovable pals can choose from white face blonde, platinum, albino, mosaic, and other colors, along with gliders that have amazing genetic traits. They recommend getting at least a pair of gentle sugar gliders, as they are social animals who do well with other gliders.”


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