Want Sugar Gliders for Sale in San Antonio? Drop by Our Houston Store!

“We know first-hand that being a glider owner is a big responsibility, and that’s why we offer all the supplies you’ll need to keep your pet happy and healthy. The Pet Glider sells well-designed cages where your furry friends can play, rest and snack with utmost comfort. Since sugar gliders like to burrow in tree nests, we also carry pouches that simulate this environment. We even have bonding pouches that keep your pet close to you as you move about the house, increasing the important connection between you and your sugar glider.

Nutrition is a top priority as well, and our custom sugar glider multivitamins with calcium will help keep your sweet companion in tip-top shape. Aside from this, we also have a range of wholesome and tasty snacks just for your glider. Take your pick from our ever-expanding selection, which includes yogurt drops, dried blueberries and veggie treats, among many others. Our Houston location even offers live mealworms—a glider’s favorite snack in the wild. “


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