Breeder Answers Calls for Older Sugar Gliders for Sale in San Antonio

“For families looking for a pair of sugar gliders, The Pet Glider offers “Jose & Ava,” a cute and delightful pair of classic male and mosaic female, respectively. Jose features the standard colors of grey and white, with hints of shades in between. Ava, on the other hand, sports shades of white around her body along with a cute bald spot. Also available is “Cristal,” a classic female sugar glider that carries a slightly short tail that makes her more interesting and unique. Lastly, there is also “Hyacinth,” which is a white face blonde female that loves beautiful flowers and can’t wait to meet you!

Apart from the Rockin’ Retirees, the company also offers several other choices for people looking to own a pet glider in San Antonio. Some of the other sugar glider types include the young gliders or joeys, which recently came out of their mother’s pouch. It also offers the Cage Mates, which are younger pairs of gliders.”


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