Breeder Offers Promo on Sugar Gliders for Sale to Austin, TX Customers

Houston, Texas (July 25, 2014) – There’s a lot of fun things to do in Austin: looking at cool graffiti on Baylor Street, taking a stroll on Zilker Park, and attending hip music festivals like SXSW, just to name a few. Of course, enjoyable experiences are made even better with a good buddy on hand. It’s not only people who need pals, though—sugar gliders need them, too! That’s why The Pet Glider is offering a special promo on sugar gliders for sale to Austin, TX residents.

From August 1 to October 31, 2014, those who buy a pet at our Houston location can add a classic sugar glider of comparable age for just $99. Those who want a more exotic breed, on the other hand, can add a white face blond glider for only $129. This offer gives customers a great deal since classic breeds typically sell for about $199, while white face blondes retail at around $249.


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