San Antonio, Get Double the Fun with Playful Sugar Gliders for Sale!

Houston, Texas (July 24, 2014) ā€“ The Pet Glider, a U.S. Department of Agriculture licensed breeder of sugar gliders based in Houston, reminds sugar glider owners that their cuddly pets are highly social animals. While owners give as much of their time as possible to bond with their pets, this may not be enough to properly care for these wonderful creatures. Owners looking for sugar gliders for sale in San Antonio can visit The Pet Glider in Houston to take advantage of a great offer when picking up a pair of great gliders!

The Pet Glider recommends that sugar glider owners need to at least have two of these sweet pets. This opens the opportunity for these playful, nocturnal creatures to groom each other, cuddle up together, and have fun all night. As highly social animals, sugar gliders benefit from having a buddy to rely on in times when pet owners are asleep or are out at work.


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