The Healthy Pet Glider Nutrition System and Sugar Glider Supplies

Not knowing what to feed their cute little suggies is a common problem that many new sugar glider owners encounter. The sugar glider owner community is relatively new, and as with most young communities, information about what best to feed gliders is usually varied and conflicting. This is why, we at The Pet Glider recommend that owners follow The Pet Glider Nutrition System and use our healthy sugar glider supplies.

To allow them to thrive as pets, sugar gliders should be provided with the same nutrition that they get in the wild. However, some of the things that these amazing animals eat can be difficult to source. For example, a steady stock of insects, acacia gum, eucalyptus sap, and lerp (the crystallized excess sugar excreted by sap-sucking insects) may be a bit hard to find. As a result, owners have to make do with serving meals that approximate gliders’ day-to-day wild fare in nutritional value.


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