Known Sugar Glider Accessories Store Presents Newly Designed Cage Sets

The Pet Glider, a known sugar glider accessories store operating from the State of Texas, is proud to present its newly designed cage sets that give sugar gliders more room for breeding and creating comfortable habitats. The new four-piece cage sets are specially designed to give the cuddly pets a wide variety of luxurious lounging opportunities. As a U.S. Department of Agriculture-licensed breeder of sugar gliders, the company is proud to offer their new cage set to pet owners to fully address the need for better living spaces for sugar gliders.

The company further highlighted that the new four-piece cage sets are available in a wide variety of playful patterns that offer pet owners and their sugar gliders a more personal and cozy look. Moreover, these cage sets also come with a comfortable sleeping pouch with a braided drawstring, a rope toy that sugar gliders love to climb, and a hammock that gliders can use to relax the night away.


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