U.S. Licensed Pet Breeder Offers Bundled Sugar Glider Cages for Sale

The Pet Glider, a U.S. Department of Agriculture-licensed breeder of sugar gliders based in Houston, is happy to announce their recent offering of bundled sugar glider cages for sale. Nestled nicely between the existing Basic and Deluxe bundles, the new Basic Plus bundles combines the great value of the essential sugar supplies from the Basic Bundle with the upgraded and convenient luxury cage from the Deluxe Bundle. This comes as a welcome news as many sugar glider owners are always on a lookout for ways to keep their cuddly friends comfortable.

The Basic Plus Bundle opens the opportunity for many pet owners to truly provide a better living space for their cuddly friends. The new bundle gives sugar gliders plenty of room to groom each other, cuddle up together, and have fun all night. As highly social animals, sugar gliders benefit from the large space in which they can play, eat, and sleep.


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