New Sugar Glider Accessories to Keep Furry Friends Happy and Healthy

Sugar gliders may just be starting to make their mark in the pet world, but they are quickly gaining popularity as a uniquely enjoyable option for those looking to add a different kind of companion animal to their lives. As pioneers in the field, we at The Pet Glider have been hand-raising, breeding, and caring for sugar gliders for over a decade now, and have shipped them safely all around the world for responsible owners to enjoy. In line with our commitment to supporting glider owners, we offer safe sugar glider accessories such as our newest four-piece cage sets to make caring and bonding with your people-friendly joeys more fun and safe for everyone.

Available in different designs that encourage playfulness among your furry friends, the cage sets incorporate rope toys that your gliders will enjoy climbing, hammocks for them to relax in during the night, and sleeping pouches with braided drawstrings to make sleeping time comfortable.


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