The “Velociraptor” Wheel for Your Sugar Glider Supplies Hours of Fun

The Pet Glider, a world-renowned and USDA licensed glider breeder, recommends the “Velociraptor” wheel, one of the most popular items in their shop. It’s not surprising that it has become a top toy pick due to the many enjoyable features it offers to gliders and their owners.

When placed inside their cages, the “Velociraptor” provides your sugar glider with hours of jogging time on tracks that trim their nails at the same time. Additionally, your pocket-sized pets are nocturnal and they are often awake while you’re asleep. The last thing you need is disruptive noise while you’re resting, so the wheel’s quiet motion is perfect for your furry friend’s evening races. With different colors, track types, and stands available, you can even mix and match its combination to fit in with other accessories and supplies you already have.


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