Sugar Glider Supplies Include Healthier Wholesome Balance™ Cereal

In continuing its efforts to consistently improve sugar gliders’ nutritional diet, licensed breeder The Pet Glider has recently added Wholesome Balance™ Chicken & Brown Rice Blend to its menu of nutritional packages, along with its line of healthy sugar glider supplies.


Pair Sugar Glider Cages for Sale with GreenStump All Natural Cleaner

Sugar glider licensed breeder, The Pet Glider, recommends GreenStump All Natural Cleaner to pet owners for a thorough and safe cleaning of their joey’s cage.

The usual practice is to collect debris and waste from sugar glider cages using a liner, which is to be replaced daily or several times in a week. Containers must also be cleaned every day, and toys be regularly sterilized as well. When neglected, a buildup of old food and waste exposes sugar gliders to the hazards of bacteria, pests and parasites thriving on dirt. A toxic cleaner, however, also puts the sugar gliders at equal, or even greater risk of harm, especially with repeated exposure. This is why pet owners would also have to be very careful about the kind of cleaners they use for their pet’s homes. To answer this concern, The Pet Glider offers GreenStump, an all-natural cage cleaner among its array of accessories, food supplies and high rise sugar glider cages for sale.


Looking for a Cute Sugar Glider in Austin, TX? Visit Houston’s The Pet Glider!

Sugar gliders aren’t your average pet. With their awesome gliding ability and the fact that they can bond with their human owners, they are quite an “exotic” pet indeed! That means they also have some unique requirements that differ from a standard household pet. Here at The Pet Glider, we make sure that all prospective glider lovers looking for sugar gliders for sale in Austin, TX have all the information they need to welcome their new friends home!


Use Yummy Treats to Encourage Bonding with Your Houston Sugar Glider

Much like with their owners, treats are the highlight of the day for your Houston sugar glider. It strengthens your bond together and you can use it to reinforce positive behaviors and promote trust.

We at The Pet Glider have bite-sized treats, such as banana, blueberry, mango, pineapple, papaya, veggies, rosehip and special treats like yogurt drops and freeze-dried or fresh mealworms. Apart from being fun and tasty, these are also healthy, preservative-free treats!


Soothe Your Sugar Gliders with a Calming Bonding Potion

Sugar gliders are very social animals. In the wild, they live in groups called colonies, so in captivity, we highly suggest to interested pet lovers to purchase a minimum of two so every glider has company. Gliders also love being with their owners, inside their shirt or maybe in their pocket, which they treat as their sleeping pouch. But like all other animals, each sugar glider has its own personality. While they are known mostly for being highly social pets, there are some that may have difficulty bonding with new companions and adjusting to its new home.


The Pet Glider Invites Houston Sugar Glider Lovers for a Fun Visit

As a Houston sugar glider breeder, we’re always excited to meet new friends from The Lone Star State and neighboring areas. So if you’re a glider lover, or would like to learn more about these adorable creatures, come on over to The Pet Glider to get some expert advice and tips on how to take care of and enjoy your companion to the fullest.

As a world-renowned and USDA-licensed glider breeder, these exotic pets are our specialty. We would be more than willing to give you pointers on how to bond well with them, what healthy and delicious things to include in their meals, and other things to do to keep them happy and safe. We’d love to answer all questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment and visit us at our Houston home.


Creative Bonding Tips Using Sugar Glider Cages For Sale

There’s no surprise that the list of glider lovers just keeps on growing. These exotic animals are in the same family as kangaroos and koalas, and their furry faces, sweet disposition, and endless antics combine to make truly loveable pint-sized pets. As an owner, you would want to be with them for as many hours in the day as you can, but of course, necessary work tasks and personal affairs will sometimes take you away. These might be unavoidable, but sugar glider cages for sale present many bonding opportunities that will get you closer with your companion even when you’re out doing other things.

When you have a glider in your house, your sugar glider cages should be a safe and happy place. It should have enough room for them to glide and jump around in, and you can even put in ropes or wheels to give them more activities and exercise choices. Other accessories such as nesting blankets, hammocks, and wheels will also make their cage a fun place to be in.