How Sugar Glider Accessories Can Help Kids Bond with Their Furry Pals

Having pets has been proven to have many positive effects on people, especially for children. They learn to take care of another creature’s needs, have a constant companion they can have fun with, and some studies have even show an immune system boost from being around animals. At The Pet Glider, we get a lot of queries if sugar gliders would make great furry buddies for kids, but it’s not just a simple answer. These adorable creatures can make wonderful pet for responsible children. A sugar glider’s size, however, also makes sugar glider accessories necessary and important in keeping them safe and happy.

One of the endearing features of a sugar glider is their small size, and that they can snuggle up in your pocket. Older owners may find it easy to handle them with care, but children are full of energy and their excitement may make it challenging for them to hold sugar gliders with a calm and delicate hand.


Austin, Meet and Greet Sugar Gliders For Sale at Houston’s The Pet Glider

Native to Australia and family member of kangaroos and koalas, sugar gliders are steadily becoming popular exotic animals around the world. Their sweet temperament and loyalty to their human family make them wonderful pets, and more and more people are discovering the delight of welcoming these adorable animals to their homes. If you’re interested in sugar gliders for sale in Austin, TX, you’re in luck! The Pet Glider has its home in Houston, which means that you don’t have to go so far to find a licensed breeder where you can get healthy gliders and the things you need to keep them happy and safe.

We have male and female cremeinos, albinos, caramels, piebald, white faced blondes, and other sugar gliders for sale in Austin, TX, and the shop is open for appointments so you can say hello to our furry residents. One thing’s for sure: their affectionate disposition and entertaining acrobatics will win you over in no time.


Enjoy Fantastic Specials on Sugar Gliders and Supplies for Sale in San Antonio, TX

Once you’re sure your gliders have a great place to live in along with the equipment and food they need, make sure you take the time to bond with them properly. You can carry them in bonding pouches for strolls around the neighborhood or play with them in a small tent. These sociable joeys also love to snuggle, so carve out some daily cuddle time.

Prospective and veteran San Antonio sugar glider owners can drop by to keep updated with the shop’s offerings and learn more about these adorable and loving furry companions.


The “Velociraptor” Wheel for Your Sugar Glider Supplies Hours of Fun

The Pet Glider, a world-renowned and USDA licensed glider breeder, recommends the “Velociraptor” wheel, one of the most popular items in their shop. It’s not surprising that it has become a top toy pick due to the many enjoyable features it offers to gliders and their owners.

When placed inside their cages, the “Velociraptor” provides your sugar glider with hours of jogging time on tracks that trim their nails at the same time. Additionally, your pocket-sized pets are nocturnal and they are often awake while you’re asleep. The last thing you need is disruptive noise while you’re resting, so the wheel’s quiet motion is perfect for your furry friend’s evening races. With different colors, track types, and stands available, you can even mix and match its combination to fit in with other accessories and supplies you already have.


The Pet Glider Makes it Easy to Get a Buddy for a Houston Sugar Glider

Compared to common household pets such as dogs, cats, and birds, sugar gliders are a relatively recent addition to the pet realm. However, this has not stopped gliders from stealing the hearts of starting and veteran owners alike with their loyalty, sweet disposition, and playfulness. With the right combination of care and understanding, a Houston sugar glider can be a wonderful new member of the family.

Due to work and daily responsibilities, not all owners have the luxury of spending all their time with their unique pets. Because sugar gliders are social creatures, they thrive better when they have buddies with which they can enjoy grooming, cuddling, and playing together especially at night.


Bring Home Furry Buddies with Sugar Gliders for Sale in Austin, TX

There’s a newcomer to the pet world, and it’s a pocket-sized charmer. Considered exotic animals, sugar gliders belong to the same family as koala bears and kangaroos, and are native to Indonesia and Australia. Despite their unusual origins, people who want to experience the unique joys of having these small furry creatures as pets can now do so by purchasing sugar gliders for sale from Austin, TX breeders such as the Houston-based The Pet Glider.

While they’re relatively new to the pet scene compared to old favorites such as dogs and cats, sugar gliders have been quick at stealing the hearts of starting and veteran owners alike.


Embracing the Buddy System: Sugar Gliders for Sale in San Antonio

At The Pet Glider, our many years of experience in hand-raising, breeding, and caring for sugar gliders have taught us a lot about what makes these furry charmers happy. For one, their nocturnal body clocks mean that they sleep during the day and become fully awake during nighttime. Being alert for hours with no one else around can be a sad experience for anyone, and we wouldn’t want our sugar gliders for sale in San Antonio to be lonely once their human families turn in for the evening.

Because playing, grooming, and cuddling all become so much more enjoyable when done with a buddy, we are offering a great promo for sugar glider lovers until October 31.