Looking for a Cute Sugar Glider in Austin, TX? Visit Houston’s The Pet Glider!

Sugar gliders aren’t your average pet. With their awesome gliding ability and the fact that they can bond with their human owners, they are quite an “exotic” pet indeed! That means they also have some unique requirements that differ from a standard household pet. Here at The Pet Glider, we make sure that all prospective glider lovers looking for sugar gliders for sale in Austin, TX have all the information they need to welcome their new friends home!


Austin, Meet and Greet Sugar Gliders For Sale at Houston’s The Pet Glider

Native to Australia and family member of kangaroos and koalas, sugar gliders are steadily becoming popular exotic animals around the world. Their sweet temperament and loyalty to their human family make them wonderful pets, and more and more people are discovering the delight of welcoming these adorable animals to their homes. If you’re interested in sugar gliders for sale in Austin, TX, you’re in luck! The Pet Glider has its home in Houston, which means that you don’t have to go so far to find a licensed breeder where you can get healthy gliders and the things you need to keep them happy and safe.

We have male and female cremeinos, albinos, caramels, piebald, white faced blondes, and other sugar gliders for sale in Austin, TX, and the shop is open for appointments so you can say hello to our furry residents. One thing’s for sure: their affectionate disposition and entertaining acrobatics will win you over in no time.