Use Yummy Treats to Encourage Bonding with Your Houston Sugar Glider

Much like with their owners, treats are the highlight of the day for your Houston sugar glider. It strengthens your bond together and you can use it to reinforce positive behaviors and promote trust.

We at The Pet Glider have bite-sized treats, such as banana, blueberry, mango, pineapple, papaya, veggies, rosehip and special treats like yogurt drops and freeze-dried or fresh mealworms. Apart from being fun and tasty, these are also healthy, preservative-free treats!


Soothe Your Sugar Gliders with a Calming Bonding Potion

Sugar gliders are very social animals. In the wild, they live in groups called colonies, so in captivity, we highly suggest to interested pet lovers to purchase a minimum of two so every glider has company. Gliders also love being with their owners, inside their shirt or maybe in their pocket, which they treat as their sleeping pouch. But like all other animals, each sugar glider has its own personality. While they are known mostly for being highly social pets, there are some that may have difficulty bonding with new companions and adjusting to its new home.


Creative Bonding Tips Using Sugar Glider Cages For Sale

There’s no surprise that the list of glider lovers just keeps on growing. These exotic animals are in the same family as kangaroos and koalas, and their furry faces, sweet disposition, and endless antics combine to make truly loveable pint-sized pets. As an owner, you would want to be with them for as many hours in the day as you can, but of course, necessary work tasks and personal affairs will sometimes take you away. These might be unavoidable, but sugar glider cages for sale present many bonding opportunities that will get you closer with your companion even when you’re out doing other things.

When you have a glider in your house, your sugar glider cages should be a safe and happy place. It should have enough room for them to glide and jump around in, and you can even put in ropes or wheels to give them more activities and exercise choices. Other accessories such as nesting blankets, hammocks, and wheels will also make their cage a fun place to be in.


Act Now! Get a Free Bonding Kit When You Buy a Sugar Glider in Houston

“There’s nothing more rewarding about owning a pet than getting to spend time together learning about each other, and slowly adapting to each other’s ways. Not only does it benefit us as pet owners to be able to enjoy our pets in this way, our pets themselves experience the benefit of finding someone they can trust to take care of and protect them. It is for precisely this reason that we started a promotion last May to give away a free bonding kit, and the best part is, it’s been extended to August 31st!

In order to take advantage of our promo, interested clients must simply make an appointment to visit our store personally, to buy their sweet sugar glider in Houston. The bonding kit we are giving away is designed to help sugar gliders become more accustomed to their new owners, and includes a bonding pouch, nail trimmer, and a free bag of sugar glider treats.”


Try Our Sugar Glider Accessories for a Special Bonding Experience

Owning a sugar glider can be one of the most exciting experiences a pet lover can ever have, and caring for these small creatures can be one of the most fulfilling. To make your quality time with your cute little friends safer and more meaningful, we offer a wide range of sugar glider accessories, starting off with our extensive selection of bonding pouches.

Unlike a regular “sleeping” pouch, The Pet Glider’s bonding pouches are designed for quality time with your sugar glider. Our standard bonding pouch, made of snuggly fleece, is designed to keep your sugar glider close and comfortable while you relax around the house. This will allow them to get used to your touch and smell, which is a very important part of the bonding process.