Pair Sugar Glider Cages for Sale with GreenStump All Natural Cleaner

Sugar glider licensed breeder, The Pet Glider, recommends GreenStump All Natural Cleaner to pet owners for a thorough and safe cleaning of their joey’s cage.

The usual practice is to collect debris and waste from sugar glider cages using a liner, which is to be replaced daily or several times in a week. Containers must also be cleaned every day, and toys be regularly sterilized as well. When neglected, a buildup of old food and waste exposes sugar gliders to the hazards of bacteria, pests and parasites thriving on dirt. A toxic cleaner, however, also puts the sugar gliders at equal, or even greater risk of harm, especially with repeated exposure. This is why pet owners would also have to be very careful about the kind of cleaners they use for their pet’s homes. To answer this concern, The Pet Glider offers GreenStump, an all-natural cage cleaner among its array of accessories, food supplies and high rise sugar glider cages for sale.


Sugar Glider Cages for Sale: Provide Your Lovable Pet the Perfect Home

A lovable pet that brings owners unending enjoyment deserves to be provided the best home possible. At The Pet Glider, we strive to make that a reality for every sugar glider owner we encounter by stocking great sugar glider cages for sale we know from experience your adorable furry friends will enjoy living in.

The ideal home for a pet sugar glider is one that provides enough space for short glides and has vertical room for it to climb as it would in the wild. At minimum, the cage should be 2.5 feet wide and three feet tall, with vertical bards that are spaced no wider than half an inch apart. Finally, a suggie cage should not be finished in galvanized steel, which can be toxic for sugar gliders.