Use Yummy Treats to Encourage Bonding with Your Houston Sugar Glider

Much like with their owners, treats are the highlight of the day for your Houston sugar glider. It strengthens your bond together and you can use it to reinforce positive behaviors and promote trust.

We at The Pet Glider have bite-sized treats, such as banana, blueberry, mango, pineapple, papaya, veggies, rosehip and special treats like yogurt drops and freeze-dried or fresh mealworms. Apart from being fun and tasty, these are also healthy, preservative-free treats!


The Pet Glider Invites Houston Sugar Glider Lovers for a Fun Visit

As a Houston sugar glider breeder, we’re always excited to meet new friends from The Lone Star State and neighboring areas. So if you’re a glider lover, or would like to learn more about these adorable creatures, come on over to The Pet Glider to get some expert advice and tips on how to take care of and enjoy your companion to the fullest.

As a world-renowned and USDA-licensed glider breeder, these exotic pets are our specialty. We would be more than willing to give you pointers on how to bond well with them, what healthy and delicious things to include in their meals, and other things to do to keep them happy and safe. We’d love to answer all questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment and visit us at our Houston home.


The Pet Glider Makes it Easy to Get a Buddy for a Houston Sugar Glider

Compared to common household pets such as dogs, cats, and birds, sugar gliders are a relatively recent addition to the pet realm. However, this has not stopped gliders from stealing the hearts of starting and veteran owners alike with their loyalty, sweet disposition, and playfulness. With the right combination of care and understanding, a Houston sugar glider can be a wonderful new member of the family.

Due to work and daily responsibilities, not all owners have the luxury of spending all their time with their unique pets. Because sugar gliders are social creatures, they thrive better when they have buddies with which they can enjoy grooming, cuddling, and playing together especially at night.


Till Oct. 31: No Lonely Sugar Glider in Houston, San Antonio or Austin

Texas is often called “The Lone Star State”; however, we at The Pet Glider would never the wish the fate of the state flag’s star on any of our fun-loving, friendly, and sociable stars—our sugar gliders. That is why, until October 31, buying a sugar glider in Houston at our brick-and-mortar store will give you the opportunity to take a second one home for just $99 more.

In the wild, sugar gliders tend to spend their time in family groups, or colonies, consisting of up to seven individuals. These groups share a nest and divide the task of defending their territory between themselves. They engage in social grooming, which maintains their health and hygiene, and at the same time allows them to bond and establish group identity.


Buy One Sugar Glider in Houston and Get a Second One at a Discount

Country music legends Kenny Rogers (a Houston native) and Dolly Parton achieved astonishing success as separate artists, but most fans probably cherish their duets the most, including the no. 1 hit “Islands in the Stream.” As they say, two heads are always better than one.

The same is true for sugar gliders from The Pet Glider store. If you’re thinking of getting a sugar glider in Houston for yourself or a loved one, a duo is better than a solo. These marsupials make for a lovely pet, but they thrive with a buddy or in groups. So, we’re giving you something better. From August 1 to October 31, 2014, when you buy any sugar glider in person at our Houston store, we’ll offer you a second classic sugar glider for only $99!


Breeder of Sugar Glider in Houston Presents New Young Glider Joeys

“Priscilla Price and the staff of The Pet Glider bring their years of experience to bear in bringing you the happiest and healthiest sugar gliders available, nurturing them until they’re old enough to transition to their new homes. Customers can experience a sense of wonder and amazement as they watch their new sugar gliders grow up and explore their surroundings, as well as witness them fall asleep sweetly in comfortable bonding pouches.

The Pet Glider has a wide variety of sugar gliders available, whether you’re a pet owner or a hobby breeder. Clients looking for unique, lovable pals can choose from white face blonde, platinum, albino, mosaic, and other colors, along with gliders that have amazing genetic traits. They recommend getting at least a pair of gentle sugar gliders, as they are social animals who do well with other gliders.”


Visit our Houston Sugar Glider Store in Person and Get Free Treats

Here at The Pet Glider, we pride ourselves in providing a range of top-quality supplies sugar glider owners the world over can use to spoil their lovable furry friends. In March, we launched a new promotional offer designed to benefit everyone who is looking to welcome a new pair of sugar gliders into their homes and into their lives. Visit our Houston sugar glider store to pick up your pets in person and get three free treats of your choice to pamper your gliders!

Running until May 15, 2014, this offer is an excellent chance for your sugar gliders to try out our two newest treats! The first is a tasty new veggie mix containing dried carrots, peppers, sweet potatoes, and peas. Our Veggie Treats are rich in the nutrients sugar gliders need to stay healthy and happy. The second is a yummy Blueberry Treat that even you may find hard to resist.