The Pet Glider Invites Houston Sugar Glider Lovers for a Fun Visit

As a Houston sugar glider breeder, we’re always excited to meet new friends from The Lone Star State and neighboring areas. So if you’re a glider lover, or would like to learn more about these adorable creatures, come on over to The Pet Glider to get some expert advice and tips on how to take care of and enjoy your companion to the fullest.

As a world-renowned and USDA-licensed glider breeder, these exotic pets are our specialty. We would be more than willing to give you pointers on how to bond well with them, what healthy and delicious things to include in their meals, and other things to do to keep them happy and safe. We’d love to answer all questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment and visit us at our Houston home.


The Pet Glider Makes it Easy to Get a Buddy for a Houston Sugar Glider

Compared to common household pets such as dogs, cats, and birds, sugar gliders are a relatively recent addition to the pet realm. However, this has not stopped gliders from stealing the hearts of starting and veteran owners alike with their loyalty, sweet disposition, and playfulness. With the right combination of care and understanding, a Houston sugar glider can be a wonderful new member of the family.

Due to work and daily responsibilities, not all owners have the luxury of spending all their time with their unique pets. Because sugar gliders are social creatures, they thrive better when they have buddies with which they can enjoy grooming, cuddling, and playing together especially at night.


Use Sugar Glider Supplies to Make Pet Feeding Time Safe and Exciting

Every sugar glider owner knows how fun it is to watch their furry friends look for food and treats hidden around their cages. Hiding food items and nutritious treats greatly benefits the adorable animals as this develops their scavenging skills and familiarizes them with a variety of healthy edible items. Here at The Pet Glider, we can help you take this cute activity to a whole new level and make pet feeding time more fun and exciting. Using our variety of first-class sugar glider supplies, you can turn your room into a safe environment where your pets can experience what it’s like to live in the great outdoors.

To do this, however, you must first make sure that all doors, windows and small exits, such as cabinets are appliances, are either closed or blocked to ensure that the food hunting is done in a controlled environment.


Pet Store Offering Sugar Gliders for Sale in San Antonio Extends Promo

The Pet Glider, an internationally renowned pet store exclusively offering sugar gliders for sale in San Antonio, extended their “buy one, take one for a discount” promo until October 31.

The Pet Glider announced that customers can still get the chance to have two sugar gliders for a discount through their pet buddy system. Customers can get an additional classic sugar glider for only $99 more, or a white face blonde sugar glider for an additional $129, with every purchase of any 6 months or older sugar glider in their Houston, TX store. Potential owners have until October 31 to take advantage of the twin glider deal.


U.S. Licensed Pet Breeder Offers Bundled Sugar Glider Cages for Sale

The Pet Glider, a U.S. Department of Agriculture-licensed breeder of sugar gliders based in Houston, is happy to announce their recent offering of bundled sugar glider cages for sale. Nestled nicely between the existing Basic and Deluxe bundles, the new Basic Plus bundles combines the great value of the essential sugar supplies from the Basic Bundle with the upgraded and convenient luxury cage from the Deluxe Bundle. This comes as a welcome news as many sugar glider owners are always on a lookout for ways to keep their cuddly friends comfortable.

The Basic Plus Bundle opens the opportunity for many pet owners to truly provide a better living space for their cuddly friends. The new bundle gives sugar gliders plenty of room to groom each other, cuddle up together, and have fun all night. As highly social animals, sugar gliders benefit from the large space in which they can play, eat, and sleep.


The Healthy Pet Glider Nutrition System and Sugar Glider Supplies

Not knowing what to feed their cute little suggies is a common problem that many new sugar glider owners encounter. The sugar glider owner community is relatively new, and as with most young communities, information about what best to feed gliders is usually varied and conflicting. This is why, we at The Pet Glider recommend that owners follow The Pet Glider Nutrition System and use our healthy sugar glider supplies.

To allow them to thrive as pets, sugar gliders should be provided with the same nutrition that they get in the wild. However, some of the things that these amazing animals eat can be difficult to source. For example, a steady stock of insects, acacia gum, eucalyptus sap, and lerp (the crystallized excess sugar excreted by sap-sucking insects) may be a bit hard to find. As a result, owners have to make do with serving meals that approximate gliders’ day-to-day wild fare in nutritional value.


The Pet Glider Offers Sweet Older Sugar Gliders for Sale in Austin, TX

“To ensure that sugar gliders remain strong, happy, and healthy in their new homes, the company also offers the Rockin’ Retiree Supply Bundle. It includes a Tall Cage made of durable, glider-safe materials, which serves as habitat for the pets. Another item included in the bundle is the Velociraptor Wheel, which functions as the gliders’ exercise machine. Also included is a water bottle and a sleeping pouch.

With over a decade of experience in handling sugar gliders, The Pet Glider provides a wide selection of healthy, small furry pets, alongside the necessary tools and equipment that assist health, development, and overall well-being. It offers different breeds of sugar gliders for sale in Austin, TX that include black beauty, black face black beauty, platinum, mosaic, leucistic, albino, and cremeino, to name a few. The staff also assists new owners on proper care for their joeys and can guide sugar glider lovers in providing basic care, locating a vet, and implementing a healthy d