Pair Sugar Glider Cages for Sale with GreenStump All Natural Cleaner

Sugar glider licensed breeder, The Pet Glider, recommends GreenStump All Natural Cleaner to pet owners for a thorough and safe cleaning of their joey’s cage.

The usual practice is to collect debris and waste from sugar glider cages using a liner, which is to be replaced daily or several times in a week. Containers must also be cleaned every day, and toys be regularly sterilized as well. When neglected, a buildup of old food and waste exposes sugar gliders to the hazards of bacteria, pests and parasites thriving on dirt. A toxic cleaner, however, also puts the sugar gliders at equal, or even greater risk of harm, especially with repeated exposure. This is why pet owners would also have to be very careful about the kind of cleaners they use for their pet’s homes. To answer this concern, The Pet Glider offers GreenStump, an all-natural cage cleaner among its array of accessories, food supplies and high rise sugar glider cages for sale.


Get a Cuddly Companion with Sugar Gliders for Sale in Austin, Texas

Texas may be known as the Lone Star State, but your sugar glider doesn’t have to be alone. As the popular saying goes, two heads are better than one. Mention this offer in order to qualify, and take this opportunity to get sugar gliders for sale in Austin, TX at a friendly price!

When buying any sugar glider aged six months or older at full price and in person at The Pet Glider’s Houston, Texas location, you can get another cuddly companion for only $99 more. Meanwhile, if you’re keen on something more exotic, you can get a “White Face Blonde” sugar glider for only an additional $129!


Sugar Glider Cages for Sale: Provide Your Lovable Pet the Perfect Home

A lovable pet that brings owners unending enjoyment deserves to be provided the best home possible. At The Pet Glider, we strive to make that a reality for every sugar glider owner we encounter by stocking great sugar glider cages for sale we know from experience your adorable furry friends will enjoy living in.

The ideal home for a pet sugar glider is one that provides enough space for short glides and has vertical room for it to climb as it would in the wild. At minimum, the cage should be 2.5 feet wide and three feet tall, with vertical bards that are spaced no wider than half an inch apart. Finally, a suggie cage should not be finished in galvanized steel, which can be toxic for sugar gliders.


Want Sugar Gliders for Sale in San Antonio? Drop by Our Houston Store!

“We know first-hand that being a glider owner is a big responsibility, and that’s why we offer all the supplies you’ll need to keep your pet happy and healthy. The Pet Glider sells well-designed cages where your furry friends can play, rest and snack with utmost comfort. Since sugar gliders like to burrow in tree nests, we also carry pouches that simulate this environment. We even have bonding pouches that keep your pet close to you as you move about the house, increasing the important connection between you and your sugar glider.

Nutrition is a top priority as well, and our custom sugar glider multivitamins with calcium will help keep your sweet companion in tip-top shape. Aside from this, we also have a range of wholesome and tasty snacks just for your glider. Take your pick from our ever-expanding selection, which includes yogurt drops, dried blueberries and veggie treats, among many others. Our Houston location even offers live mealworms—a glider’s favorite snack in the wild. “


Mosaic Sugar Gliders for Sale in San Antonio Add Color to Your Life

Whether it’s the proud history of the Alamo or the excitement of the rodeo, San Antonio is a city that loves to let its colors fly. When you’re looking for pet sugar gliders for sale in San Antonio that are just as colorful and bold as the city itself, saddle up and ride east to Houston! The Pet Glider, a Houston-based breeder of sweet sugar gliders, is proud to make their incredible selection of mosaic sugar gliders available to their neighbors in San Antonio.

Mosaics are a special variation of sugar gliders that come in an endless array of patterns. Sporting marks that range from speckled ears, ringed tails, and even mostly-white fur with bold patches of color, every mosaic sugar glider is unique in its own special way.


We Keep Our Gliders for Sale in San Antonio Strong, Happy, and Healthy

If you are looking for sugar gliders for sale in San Antonio, then The Pet Glider is undoubtedly your best source. By driving three hours to our Houston office or placing an order through our website, you will finally be able to own the pet you want. We have seen how adorable gliders bring smiles to people’s faces and we would like you to experience that joy too—which is why we also offer superior nutritional supplies to keep gliders strong, happy, and healthy.

We offer The Pet Glider Complete Multivitamins with Calcium that is designed to give your sugar glider the nutritional boost it needs. The supplements are made with a complete balanced mammal multivitamin/multimineral, calcium, herbs, bee pollen, nectar, probiotics, and acacia gum. To maximize the benefits of the supplements, we advise that you combine them with The Pet Glider Fresh Diet. The diet is composed of yogurt, apple sauce, oatmeal, orange juice, fruits, and vegetables, as well as protein from chicken, turkey, or egg