Sugar Glider Supplies Include Healthier Wholesome Balance™ Cereal

In continuing its efforts to consistently improve sugar gliders’ nutritional diet, licensed breeder The Pet Glider has recently added Wholesome Balance™ Chicken & Brown Rice Blend to its menu of nutritional packages, along with its line of healthy sugar glider supplies.


Use Sugar Glider Supplies to Make Pet Feeding Time Safe and Exciting

Every sugar glider owner knows how fun it is to watch their furry friends look for food and treats hidden around their cages. Hiding food items and nutritious treats greatly benefits the adorable animals as this develops their scavenging skills and familiarizes them with a variety of healthy edible items. Here at The Pet Glider, we can help you take this cute activity to a whole new level and make pet feeding time more fun and exciting. Using our variety of first-class sugar glider supplies, you can turn your room into a safe environment where your pets can experience what it’s like to live in the great outdoors.

To do this, however, you must first make sure that all doors, windows and small exits, such as cabinets are appliances, are either closed or blocked to ensure that the food hunting is done in a controlled environment.


Sugar Glider Supplies and Vitamins to Keep Your Little Babies Healthy

“Here at The Pet Glider, we’re dedicated to providing our sugar gliders with the best care possible. It should come as no surprise, then, that glider health is high on our list of priorities. Since the beginning, we’ve advocated feeding gliders nothing but fresh fruit and vegetables and plenty of protein. This led to our development of The Pet Glider Nutrition System, which is based around The Pet Glider Fresh Diet, and of healthy treats, nutritional packages, and other sugar glider supplies owners can obtain from us.

To further supplement our nutrition system and help owners raise even healthier, happier gliders, The Pet Glider also produces The Pet Glider Complete Multivitamin. This unique, specially formulated blend contains human-grade supplements such as bee pollen, probiotics, acacia gum, and herbs. Our high-calcium multivitamin is the result of years of experience taking care of sugar gliders.


Get Free Sugar Glider Supplies When You Buy a Pet at Our Houston Store

“Here at The Pet Glider, we know that big love comes in small packages—just look at our charming gliders as proof! To deepen the bond with your furry pal, though, you have to spend quality time with them. Fortunately, we’ve made this easier with our special promo. When you buy a glider at our Houston location from May 15 to July 31, 2014, you also get a bonding kit absolutely free! It includes must-have sugar glider supplies like our popular bonding pouch, a nail clipper, and an assortment of yummy treats.

To take advantage of this promo, just drop by our Houston branch and mention this special offer to our friendly staff. It’s that simple! Our knowledgeable crew will even teach you several bonding techniques that you can use at home. Plus, they’ll also give a hands-on demonstration of the proper way to trim your glider’s nails.”


Our Sugar Glider Supplies Has a New Addition: Tasty Banana Bites!

“Recently, we’ve added another tasty treat to our ever-expanding selection: tasty banana bites! This snack is made from naturally dried banana slices, making them a safe and tasty option for your sugar gliders. In fact, they’re so safe you can snack on them yourself—though your sugar glider probably won’t appreciate the competition! Here at The Pet Glider, we only sell sugar glider food that we ourselves can eat (even mealworms!)—that’s how committed we are to your pet’s well-being.

At just $6.95 per 3.5 ounce bag, our banana bites offer an affordable, nutritious and yummy snack for your beloved sugar glider. They’ll enjoy nibbling on these “a-peeling” treats for days to come!”