Looking for a Cute Sugar Glider in Austin, TX? Visit Houston’s The Pet Glider!

Sugar gliders aren’t your average pet. With their awesome gliding ability and the fact that they can bond with their human owners, they are quite an “exotic” pet indeed! That means they also have some unique requirements that differ from a standard household pet. Here at The Pet Glider, we make sure that all prospective glider lovers looking for sugar gliders for sale in Austin, TX have all the information they need to welcome their new friends home!


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Here at The Pet Glider, we pride ourselves in providing a range of top-quality supplies sugar glider owners the world over can use to spoil their lovable furry friends. In March, we launched a new promotional offer designed to benefit everyone who is looking to welcome a new pair of sugar gliders into their homes and into their lives. Visit our Houston sugar glider store to pick up your pets in person and get three free treats of your choice to pamper your gliders!

Running until May 15, 2014, this offer is an excellent chance for your sugar gliders to try out our two newest treats! The first is a tasty new veggie mix containing dried carrots, peppers, sweet potatoes, and peas. Our Veggie Treats are rich in the nutrients sugar gliders need to stay healthy and happy. The second is a yummy Blueberry Treat that even you may find hard to resist.